Narcissist Quotes: Hurt Feelings Can Control You

Narcissist quotes Constantly hurt feelings
narcissist quotes hurt feelings can control you

Hurt feelings in a loved one can make you feel so bad. Is it your fault when someone takes everything you say the wrong way? Excessive sensitivity is way up there in the relationship manipulation department. Here’s why. One of the most painful forms of relationship stress feeling that you are walking on eggshells with someone you love and want to please. Not feeling safe, to tell the truth for fear of setting someone off means that person is successfully controlling your behavior for his/her benefit. It’s a form of manipulation.

Hurt feelings are normal occasionally but not normal when it is the dominant reaction to everything

It takes two to make a relationship, whether it’s a healthy one or not. When one person constantly has hurt feelings, he/she may be using so-called “sensitivity” to guilt-trip and control. Here’s an example.

Sensitivity Or Manipulation?

Josie was married to Fred, a man who was offended by everything she said, and pretty much everything she did. His “sensitivity” to insult and discomfort would erupt without warning and made her life a misery. Read more

How to manage someone who takes everything you say the wrong way? This a good time to evaluate the relationship? Is that person a narcissist who only thinks about him/herself? Take the quiz to see whether your friend or loved one is just self-absorbed, or a true narcissist you should escape.

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