Sober Quote: Sobriety Is My Everything

sober quote

Sobriety is my everything say those who have made that first step to take charge of their lives. Sobriety is the foundation upon which all recovery is built. Staying sober has some stages and even some different motivations. Most people get sober because they want to survive. They aren’t exactly willing. They just have to. […]

Sobriety Quote: Staying Clean

staying clean sobriety quote

If staying clean is hard for your right now, you aren’t alone. Sobriety has been the biggest challenge for millions of people during the deadly pandemic of Covid 19 and the political disruption we are experiencing now. And to top it all off, a mob tried to take over the Capitol and hurt lawmakers just […]

Anxiety Journal Prompt: Scale Of Worry

Anxiety journal prompt

What is your scale of worry today? Take a minute to examine your worry meter. It’s like your emotional blood pressure. You can ramp it up or calm it down. Journal prompts help you to focus for a few minutes and then let go. Did you know that if you voice (write, tell someone, or […]

Self-Esteem Journal Prompt: 3 Qualities You Love

self esteem journal prompt

Self-esteem prompt for journaling always works to lift your spirits. You can trust us on this one. We’re experts in finding fault with ourselves. Finding fault can be the result of family dysfunction or the family disease of addiction. In any case, when you have negative self-talk running rampant in your head, it’s hard to […]

Mental Health Journal Prompt : 3 Things

mental health journal prompt

Mental health prompt to promote wellness in every way Mental health prompt gives you a way to remind you about your wellness. Your mental health is everything you say, think and do. Journaling helps you to know what you are and what you can do to improve. Are you chronic self-improvers? That’s the opposite of […]

Mental Health Journal Prompt: Struggle

mental health journal prompt

What is your biggest struggle? Is it getting enough rest so you have enough energy and feel focused? Do you have too much anxiety about the Pandemic, or work, or relationships? Social awkwardness? Feelings like these are with us all, especially now in the middle of a very difficult year. So what can you do […]