Mental Health Journal Prompt: Struggle

mental health journal prompt
mental health journal prompt Struggle

What is your biggest struggle? Is it getting enough rest so you have enough energy and feel focused? Do you have too much anxiety about the Pandemic, or work, or relationships? Social awkwardness? Feelings like these are with us all, especially now in the middle of a very difficult year. So what can you do about it?

Why is journaling about your struggle, and tips to help, helpful

We’re glad you asked. Journaling is a form of therapy everyone can afford. It is therapy in a way because research shows that writing about what bothers you actually changes your brain waves.

Journaling doesn’t exactly change your brain waves instantly and forever, but every time you unburden yourself, you’re hitting a tiny reset button.

Whatever struggle you’re coping with, just talking to yourself about it– not muttering to yourself. But actually writing things down, helps with awareness, mindfulness, and keeps you in solution. Of course, you have to be focused on it. That’s the reason journal prompts are so useful.

Writing prompts help you get positive

If you’re not used to writing your thoughts and feelings down, journal prompts can get you started. They give you a subject to think about. With journal prompts you can start your own journal. Meditation can also accompany your writing. Try another journal prompt.