Mental Health Journal Prompt : 3 Things

mental health journal prompt
mental health prompt three things to enhance wellness

Mental health prompt to promote wellness in every way

Mental health prompt gives you a way to remind you about your wellness. Your mental health is everything you say, think and do. Journaling helps you to know what you are and what you can do to improve. Are you chronic self-improvers? That’s the opposite of a bad thing if you’re in recovery. Improving your mental health is absolutely crucial for happy life, healthy body, and positive relationships. One way to take care of our mental health is to create a roadmap. We do that by journaling, making lists and using other tools to help us remember what’s important and how to get there.

Name three things you can do to enhance your mental well-being

The good news is there are so many ways to help yourself feel better when you’re committed to trying. Just to give you a list of things we do:

  1. Journal or use a workbook
  2. Listen to music
  3. Talk to a friend
  4. Spend time with an animal
  5. Walk in nature/hike
  6. Exercise
  7. Yoga
  8. Meditation
  9. Cooking
  10. Go to recovery groups/meetings
  11. Watch a movie
  12. Draw/color
  13. Take a drive through a pretty neighborhood
  14. window shop
  15. Actual shop

These are just a few of the things we find to be mood-boosting.

Think about what you enjoy and make a list so you’re prepared if a low mood strikes.

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