Self-Esteem Journal Prompt: Compliments

self esteem journal prompt

Journal prompt compliments: Time to remember the good things people say Journal prompt compliments encourages you to think the good thoughts other people have about you instead of dwelling on the negative. Building self-esteem in recovery is critical! It may not be easy at first, but with practice and time, you’ll be amazed at the […]

Mental Health Journal Prompt: Happiness

Mental Health Journal Prompt Happiness

Journal prompt happiness gets you in the mood for more happiness now Journal prompt happiness is a way to connect with your happy self. Everyone needs to do it. Today the prompt is happiness. Did you know that happiness is something you can create. Really, you can. You can add it to your life, like […]

Sober Quote : True Friends

True friends

True friends can be the ones you don’t have the most fun with. Do you think people you drink and have fun with are your best friends? This quote is so real because having fun drinking with people is convenient, not real friendship. It’s all about the drinking. True friends do other things with you […]

Sober Quote: Staying Sober

staying sober

Staying sober does seem to have some stages and even some different motivations. Most people get sober because they want to survive. They aren’t exactly willing. They just have to. How to quit drinking or drugging is not a one size fits all recovery. Everyone has to find their own why to do it and […]

Sober Quote: Liberation From Dependence

Liberation from Dependence

Liberation from dependence is another way to say freedom from slavery. People who have a dependence on a drug or behavior they can’t control are in a form of slavery that deprives them of every human happiness. It’s true. Eventually, everything one loves is lost. But recovery can bring it all back. Did you know […]

Quote: Things That Make You Happy

Things that make you happy

This happiness quote is a way to connect with yourself today. Everyone needs to be more mindful. Are you connected with the things that make you happy? You can also use this as a journal prompt. Did you know that happiness is something you can create. Really, you can. You can add it to your […]