Sober Quote: Liberation From Dependence

Liberation from Dependence
liberation from dependence

Liberation from dependence is another way to say freedom from slavery. People who have a dependence on a drug or behavior they can’t control are in a form of slavery that deprives them of every human happiness. It’s true. Eventually, everything one loves is lost. But recovery can bring it all back. Did you know that more than 23 million Americans are in some form of recovery from an addiction to a substance or behavior?

Liberation from dependence: addiction is a disease

In 1956, the American Medical Association in 1956 developed the disease model-based. Essentially, the group of physicians found that because addiction has:

  • Tolerance of dosage
  • Loss of control
  • Withdrawal
  • Social and/or physical impairment

Ergo, medically speaking, addiction is a chronic, progressive, irreversible, and relapsing disease. The DSM-5, the bible of psychological disorders, reveals the disease process with diagnostic criteria including cravings, using even when causing physical or psychological problems, tolerance, and withdrawal. Dr.George Koob, in the NIH Medline Plus, relates that: Read more

When you go into recovery, you can take appropriate action

Living through addiction and getting sober and living in sobriety for a while is a bit like war. Forgive the comparison for those that have served. I’m talking more about an emotional and psychological war. But, in the process of living that way, we learn how to live and tolerate uncertainty. We learn phrases like, “Turn it over,” which means take the correct action on your end and then let it go. The results are not up to us. Living with that philosophy has primed us to know how to be in action. No matter what the circumstances. Read more