Does Focus On Yourself Go Too Far

Focus on yourself

Focus on yourself, get empowered, do self care. We’ve been gotten lots of advice recently about how to escape from narcissists, spot toxic friends, understand dysfunctional families, and we give some ourselves. We believe in self -realization as much as the most committed Yogi. We write about setting boundaries because it’s important, but from all the advice swirling around, it would seem that everyone in our world is an evil monster, from politics right down to the loved ones in your home. Is your head in a spin? Are you feeling resentful about so many things that you can’t calm down that monkey brain of yours?

Focus on yourself may mean you can’t think about anything else

Focus on yourself is something Sonya Matejko, writer, yoga teacher, and communications consultant, has been thinking a lot about. Have we gone too far? Are we forgetting others in our need for self realization?

While we’re working on finding inner balance, are we leaving behind the people that depend on us for stability? And while we’re off becoming who we’re meant to be, are we selectively excluding parts of our reality?

Sonya Matejko

Establishing healthy boundaries can mean the difference between being a doormat and having a mind of your own and being able to speak your truth. But is it spiritually selfish when you’re not quietly also listening to the needs of others, being kind, and taking time for loved ones even when it’s not convenient? We agree with Sonya here.

You can be in the process of becoming your best self, but are you also still honoring your relationships and responsibilities? Are you still honoring the world that gives you the space to breathe?

Self care is also caring for others, and we can’t forget that as we visualize our best self and work hard to getting there.

But there’s a balance to be found between awakening spiritually and living in reality. We can’t use spirituality as an excuse to avoid things that we can’t face. We can’t use spirituality as a reason to dismiss people without compassion. You can see Sonya’s article When You Focus on Yourself, Don’t Forget Everyone Else on Tiny Buddha.