Have Fun With Recovery Words

Have fun with recovery words

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Have fun with recovery words in a brand new way.

ROR introduces Kyczy Hawks’s wisdom and word searches. Have Fun With Recovery Words is the first of a weekly series. We love these word searches and hope you will, too. Also, check out Find Your True Colors in 12 Steps for recovery 12 step coloring.

In recovery we have to learn a whole new language, words we didn’t understand before or know are important. In a way we’re like toddlers exploring our world, but this time on the other side of unhealthy behaviors associated with substance and alcohol use disorders. Kyczy Hawks brings much needed fun to recovery. Welcome to word fun.

Leslie Glass

Why are recovery words important

We know that language is important. I know language is important because attending meetings and listening to the words of wisdom and healing give me hope. The stories of triumph over tremendous challenges on the Recovery Journey inspire me. Words like serenity, wisdom, healing, and even hope are calming. They help my blood pressure regulate, my breath come more smoothly, and my brain release its hold on fear-based thinking.

Words are brain training

The importance of words for brain training and rewiring the mind inspired me to write a few books on Recovery. Word Search and Yoga and Recovery Word Searches are two. I also tried my hand at a more challenging way to unscramble and reassemble healing words and phrases.

I wanted people to have fun with recovery words

Neurologists have documented that what you practice becomes easier to access over time. What you practice over time, becoming easier is more quickly and reliably accessed during times of stress. They say it like this: “what fires together wires together” meaning that when our brain practices a new healthy action or process after time it becomes a habit. Reading and solving word puzzles that reinforce what we hear in the rooms, what we read in our recovery texts, what we talk about with our sponsor, sponsees and friends, helps us access these concepts more easily when we are in stress.

That is the science, but let me address the FUN! Try these daily word puzzles, and you’ll notice that you become better at finding the healthy and the healing in the mishmash of letters you find in the grid. Guess what! You will become more adept at finding solutions in your non-puzzle oriented life; IRL. So have fun with these puzzles and know that in the background – your brain is healing- rewiring happiness into your daily life. Enjoy, Kyczy

have fun with recovery words