Recovery Quotes: Tough Times

Recovery quotes tough times
Recovery quotes tough times

When you are going through tough times, it can seem like it will never end. Whether it’s depression, addiction, recovery, mental health issues, or any other issue, when we feel beat down and like there’s a tough road ahead of us it’s absolutely overwhelming. But, hanging in there and surviving tough times builds the foundation for a better, stronger life.

Surviving tough times gives your brain muscle memory

Ever heard the phrase, “Sober reference?” It refers to someone in recovery who has enough sober time that they can look back to moments they wanted to use and didn’t and know they can get through a craving. The same concept applies to tough times. My experience was that once I knew I could endure the toughest of times, bad times never had the same power over me. I know eventually, they subside.

Having a plan for tough times helps too

Because I’ve had more than one bad spell in my life, I’ve also had the opportunity to figure out what works and what doesn’t. For me, comfort eating is only good for a day or two. Then, it makes me feel worse. My go-to’s for tough times and Covid stress relief are exercise or hiking, even if it’s light. Getting endorphins up is mandatory. I stick to uplifting entertainment and funny shows. I play with the dogs, or whatever animals I can find. I rest, I do self-help work, if only to feel like I’m being proactive. I do sometimes have professional help so I recommend that if you need it. I also take non-narcotic medication when I’m feeling especially blue. Also, managed by an MD doctor.

Remember tough times don’t last and help build the foundation for a better future.