Narcissist Quotes: Don’t Think They’re Wrong

narcissists don't think they're wrong
Narcissist quotes narcissists don't think they're wrong
If They Don’t Know They’re Wrong, It’s Not Worth It

We’ve all had arguments with someone who simply won’t assume responsibility for their mistakes. They either deflect the blame, or lay it on you. When they can’t own up to their wrongdoings, it’s time to move on – staying with them is not worth it. Here are some telltale signs of when it’s time to move on.

It’s Not Worth It When They Can’t Say Sorry

Whether it’s something small – like they stepped on your foot and instead of apologizing, they ask why your foot was there in the first place. Sure, the first time is all fun and games. You think it’s a joke and laugh it off. But then you realize they don’t apologize. For anything they do. Now that you’ve been with this person for a while, it becomes clear that they almost can’t even utter the phrase, “I’m sorry.” If there’s an argument because of something they did (or didn’t) do, they push the blame on you or come up with reasons for why they did/did not do it.

It’s Time To Go When They Refuse To Accept Your Boundaries

You have boundaries for a reason. While it’s good to step out of your comfort zone at times, you have your own pace and your reasons for setting said boundaries. If this person can’t respect them, it’s not worth it to stay. Toxic friends and partners like to push boundaries and become offended when you react negatively. Then, usually, they place the blame on either you, your boundaries or something else.

It’s Not Worth Staying When You’re More Stressed After Being With Them

That butterfly feeling you get when you’re with the person is very different from nausea you may feel when heading to meet with that person. When you feel more stressed about meeting up with your toxic partner or friend, it’s time to break it off and start fresh. We all deal with enough stress in the world, so why should we entertain the idea of having such a toxic relationship? Sure, the memories of some of those good times you had earlier in the relationship are great. But living on old memories isn’t healthy.

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