Toxic Friendship Quotes: No Room For Toxic

No Room For Toxic Friends
Toxic friendship quotes There's No Room For Toxic Friends
There’s No Room For Toxic Friends

There’s no room for toxic friends. Don’t we have enough stress to keep us busy? Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that your best friend forever (BFF) is actually your best friend for never (BFFN). And while we don’t want to keep those around for long, their hopefully short stay in our lives usually teaches us a lesson or two. So, what have we learned from these relationships? How do we know when we’re in a toxic friendship?

Boundaries Are Important Around Toxic Friends

Boundaries are important in any relationship, but think about the last time you and your BFF shared an embarrassing secret and that supposed “BFF” overstepped their boundaries – and told the rest of your friend group? Or, maybe your “BFF” stops by your place at any given time without warning? They use your amenities, eat your food – borrow your clothes and never return them? Or, perhaps they blow up your phone, demanding to know why you aren’t answering them. At 3 AM. When you’re deep asleep.

Know When To Say Goodbye

Goodbyes are never usually fun. But they can be necessary for a number of reasons. In this case, you don’t want a toxic friendship dragging you down. Allowing these toxic people to stick around is comparable to a hero in a book or movie asking the villain to a sleepover or a movie night. Know when to cut the cord and let them go.

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It Can Be Hard To Spot A Toxic Friend

Do you know how to spot a toxic friendship? Take the toxic friends quiz to see how well you can identify one. It can be tricky to pick up on the traits – especially when your friendship starts smoothly and slowly transitions into something sour.