Motivational Quotes: Say It Out Loud

motivational quote Say it out loud
motivational quotes say it out loud

You can change whatever is holding you back

Say it out loud and create a new path for your thinking. If you are a person in recovery, it is crucial to talk about what’s holding you back so you can find solutions. Saying you feel weak or sad can be a form of relapse prevention. But you don’t have to be a person in recovery to know that speaking up is crucial for your mental health. It stops the denial cycle.

When you say that you’re lonely, or fearful, you release the negative. It’s out. Now you can do something about it. This matters with toxic relationships and family problems as well. As long as you don’t say it, (whatever is bothering you) you’re hiding the facts from yourself and everyone else. You’re stuck. In recovery, saying it is especially important. Have you ever heard someone call alcoholism and addiction the diseases of isolation? It refers to the crazy phenomenon that happens when an alcoholic or addict is struggling and instead of reaching out to someone who can help, the instinct is to isolate and remain in a state of worry.

When you say it you can make the connections you need for improvement and change

You have to connect with other people so you don’t feel alone. Say it and resist the urge to isolate. There are so many recovery groups and options available today that if you try searching your city, you may find there are places right in your area where you can go to connect with other people in recovery.

The other best tips I can recommend for mental health and recovery revolve around other people and have to do with finding a community that will support your efforts. Sobriety is not meant to be done alone. Humans are pack animals and we need help from people who are successfully recovering in order to stay strong and on track. Journaling also helps

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