Toxic Friendship Quotes: Ghosting Is Shunning

ghosting is shunning
Toxic friendship quotes ghosting is shunning

Ghosting is shunning taken to a whole new level in the digital age. Isolating and ignoring people has been used forever by regimes and religious groups use to control the beliefs and behavior of their members. Perceived wrongdoing followed by punishment in the form of the silent treatment, banishment, ex-communication, torture, and even death goes way back.

Ghosting as a form of shunning makes you disappear not just physically, but digitally

Today, being among the disappeared in social media can feel like you never existed. Your photos with someone, your texts, your life together even if it was a short one is suddenly gone. It is personal, it is aggressive. And it is a common way of dumping someone.

The Modern Version of Shunning

Ghosting is the ultimate silent treatment. It consists of removing someone from all social media connections and is often associated with dating, but ghosting occurs in lots of other relationships, too. Divorce, former work friends now competitors, relatives who can’t stand you, someone you were dating for a week or three years are all potential ghosting relationships. You can’t call, can’t see them on Facebook, can’t discuss it. Your phone number is blocked, your photos are eliminated. When you’re ghosted, you can’t see someone’s present activities and future events, and you can’t see your own past reflected there anymore. Your entire history with someone may be erased. Ouch.

Ghosting Is A Kind Of Psychic Murder

If getting rid of someone were just blocking the phone or returning your letters, as in the old days, it still hurts. You’re rejected, no longer wanted for whatever reason. This form of blocking, which removes you from social media, however, is a kind of annihilation. Read more

ghosting is shunning but can be managed by learning the simple tips to be yourself
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