Recovery Quotes: The Present Is Calling You

Recovery quotes don't look back
Recovery quotes- The Present Is Calling You
Don’t Look Back – The Present Is Calling You

Don’t look back – it’s time to let go of the past and allow yourself to grow. Do not let any shame hold you back. Things happened, but you’re here now, either proud of your improvements or preparing to make the change. Think of yourself as a butterfly. You’ve spent so much time working hard to improve your life. Be proud of your accomplishments and thankful for the lessons you’ve learned. Here are 3 reasons why you should look ahead.

Don’t look back – dwelling on the past can lead to depression

Dwelling on the past can feel okay for a while – depending on the memories. But after a while, thinking about all that we’ve done stacks up and can leave us feeling pretty low – either because we’re ashamed of our past, or we’re ashamed of the present. In this case, don’t live in the past. You’re here now with a life ahead of you. Keep working to be the best you.

It’s easy to miss present and future opportunities

It’s not healthy to live in the past. Period. But if we constantly find ourselves stuck looking back, we’ll be blind to what’s in front of us. Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor, so try to live in the present and consider your future. What will you do differently to keep, or put yourself on the right path?

Don’t look back – it can lead to procrastination

There are so many problems that stem from procrastination. Living in your memories or shame can keep you firmly planted in one place – one stage of your life. You can’t move ahead until you let it go. Procrastination can lead to anxiety and depression. Live in the present and get things done. Don’t look back.