Quotes: Emotional Rollercoaster In Covid 19

emotional rollercoaster in Covid 19
quotes Emotional rollercoaster in Covid 19

Yes, you’re on an emotional rollercoaster in Covid 19 lockdown right now. Feeling more lows than highs, we suspect. Anyway, we are. Life was challenging enough before the outbreak. Who isn’t on an emotional rollercoaster right now is the question? You may feel grateful for many things one moment and ready to scream the next. Imagine what living in a real war zone must be like.

People are dying, and you’re either stuck with relatives or alone without any support. You need some emotional help, right? How long have you been cooped up with people who are now on your nerves? Do you feel like punching someone you love because there’s just no room to be yourself? If you’re in an abusive relationship things are much worse for you now. We know that.

The NY Times reports an escalation of child abuse while people are sheltering at home. Is there someone you can reach out to? Talk about it. If you’re coping with feelings of despair call the suicide hotline. If you need a 12 Step meeting check out Intherooms. The hotline is a number to call for domestic violence or abuse.

How to feel better when you’re stuck with annoying relatives

No one likes to be homebound 24 hours a day. You need some private time to decompress and feel some pleasure. We have friends who are calling us from the closets for privacy, or while sneaking to take the garbage out even though it’s not usually their job to take the garbage out.

If you’re cooped up with relatives or roommates who drive you crazy, here are some things to do. Find a private place, even if it’s a corner. If it’s warm enough go outside. Watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, or listen to some music. We’ve been having dance parties alone in the bathroom. Music is healing. Movies can get you out of your head.

What to do about the emotional rollercoaster

This is the time to get out of your head. Find ways to improve your mood habits.