Relationship Quotes: How Can I Help

Relationships quotes how can I help
Relationship quotes how can I help
How can i best support you

How can I help is something I say all the time

We are often overwhelmed with work or relationship difficulties, or tasks to accomplish. Stress is a daily companion; but when you add substance or alcohol use to the equation, the problems multiply. Are you or a family member or friend coping with secrets or covering up related to someone’s alcohol or substance use? You can talk about it with professionals or trusted friends. You can share. You can ask for help for yourself. One of the most important Tips in 100 Tips For Growing Up is to Ask for help. But what kind of support can you offer to someone else that doesn’t involve shelling out money or giving someone a place to live?

Asking how you can help cuts to the chase

When partners, loved ones, or friends are suffering, or confused, or just needing acknowledgment, saying the right thing can make their day. Often just being there to listen is a good start for them to think about asking others for help. But remember, if you offer support and help but the person just wants your money, you don’t have to give that kind of support.

Enabling adult children
helping can end up being about money