Depressed Quotes: Give Back To Yourself

Depressed quotes give yourself a break
Depressed quotes give yourself a break
It’s Time To Give Back To Yourself

Stop worrying about others – it’s time to give back to yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in others’ lives and worry about their needs. But you need to remember to love yourself, too. Without putting your needs above others, it can be easy to overlook what your body and mind are asking from you. Give yourself a little break and practice some self-care. Get to know yourself better. Here’s one example of a friend who wore herself out while trying to keep her friends and family happy, even when she suffered from neglecting her own needs.

She always gave back to others

Jamie was a year younger than me in high school, but everyone in the higher grades knew her. She had this presence that couldn’t be ignored. Every time I saw her in the hall, she would smile and give a high-five. If she noticed someone was feeling low, she walked them to class to try to help brighten their day. Jamie always had some weird story to tell. It usually distracted her peers for a while from whatever was troubling them.

She seemed immune to any kind of worry, but years later, I know that’s never the case. Jamie struggled to keep her peers happy and seen because she felt that she wasn’t.

Popularity doesn’t mean happiness

Many high schoolers get caught up in the quest for popularity. But even with all of that attention from peers, it can feel like a lonely place. Jamie spent so much of her free time talking to her peers and showing them love, that she forgot to care for herself. While she had many “friends,” she found herself stuck without anyone she felt comfortable enough to talk to. She exhausted herself to the point where she couldn’t work past her own depression. 

It was time to give back to herself

With the help of her mother and doctor, Jamie worked through her depression and realized that she, too, needed to take the necessary steps towards caring for herself. While she loved helping others, she led herself down an exhausting path. She forgot to give herself love, patience, kindness, care – a break. One of her biggest lessons was that it’s impossible to be a superhero for everyone. It’s okay to put yourself first.

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