Recovery Quotes: Leave What Isn’t For You

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Leave What Isn’t For You

Leave what isn’t for you behind – this can be a relationship, friendship, a job. Sometimes we like the sound or thought of something and realize later on that it’s just not for us. So, how do you get through this purge? It can be hard saying goodbye. But by making lists and goals, it can get a little easier to acknowledge these thoughts and concerns.

Leaving What Isn’t For You Can Mean

  1. Shedding a dream you once had for a new goal. This doesn’t have to be a negative goodbye – we’re always growing and evolving, so it’s natural to find a new passion. Try thinking about what you’ve been interested in lately and consider the goals you’d made for yourself last year. Are they the same? Maybe it’s time to tackle something new.
  2. Saying goodbye to one job, for a better opportunity can be bittersweet. While there’s excitement in reaching that goal, there can be some apprehension when it comes to leaving a job that had helped you grow – or simply just provided you with pay. Make a list or journal and be sure to acknowledge those feelings you have. The good and the bad.
  3. Breaking up. It can be tough to come to terms with the realization that some relationships just are not working. Whether the relationship was healthy or it turned toxic, go with your gut if it’s telling you to leave. Find help if necessary and take the steps to cut loose.

The first step is to get the idea that you need a change – a positive change – and go from there. Growing up (in any sense) is difficult. But there are helpful books and workbooks to help guide and inspire us to move along.