manipulators narcissist quotes
Manipulators Make Everything Seem Like It's Your Fault
Manipulators narcissist quotes
Manipulators: It’s “Never” Their Fault

There are some great manipulators out there. They know how to get away with poor, toxic behavior and make you feel as though you’re in the wrong. But how can we possibly fall for their acts every time? Here are three tips to consider.

Master Manipulators Know You

Whether these people are your relatives or romantic partners, they have had the time to get to know every strength and weakness you have – and know how to use them against you. Be aware of their tactics and think about how they manipulated you to take the blame previously.

All That Charm And Charisma

If someone is trying to manipulate you, they’ll probably show off their charm. After all, how can you turn down someone with such charisma? Sometimes, it’s easy to be blinded early on in a relationship when a partner knows how to turn on that charm. Don’t forget to consider their motives – are they sincere, or is this seeming more like a pattern?

“Rules Are Meant To Be Broken – And That’s How You Win” – Anonymous

Manipulators know how to break rules – and justify why it was okay for them to do so. They assume the role of “the judge” and parcel out criticism as they see fit. Often, this leaves them as a hero and the victim as a joker or clown.

Do you know how to spot a master manipulator? Take the quiz to see.

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Haley Laferney
Haley Laferney is the Graphic Designer at Reach Out Recovery and a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design. She is also a gold and silver ADDY award winner.

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