Toxic Friendship Quotes: Save Your Energy

Save your energy Toxic friendship quote
Save your energy Toxic friendship quotes
They Don’t Deserve Your Energy

If a partner or friend makes you feel stressed or questioning their actions, they don’t deserve your energy. Trying to keep up with someone like that isn’t good and chances are, you’ll only end up hurt. These feelings are red flags – get out when you notice them.

Don’t Give Them Your Energy If They

  1. Keep you guessing. You don’t need a partner or friend to keep you in the dark all the time. If you’re always guessing, or feel like you’re five steps behind them, speak up and leave. Any sort of relationship is a two-way street. Make sure you’re both treated equally.
  2. Don’t listen. We all have bad days, which means we all have to vent. But when this person in your life constantly talks about his/her day – whether it was good or bad – and leaves very little room for you to speak up, think again about this person’s values. If they place their problems and needs over yours, that’s a red flag. You deserve much more respect than that.
  3. Are too clingy. If your friend or partner can’t go an hour without talking to you – or even seeing you – isn’t that a little suffocating? At first, it may seem a little cute, right? But that can be considered “possessiveness,” not an act of love.
  4. Don’t respect your boundaries. You have to make sure you are comfortable with this person, too. If you’re starting out in a new relationship or your friendship is just budding, you need to still make sure you’re safe. Guard yourself by setting some boundaries at first. If they can’t understand any sort of discomfort you may have, reevaluate this person.
  5. Constantly complain. Nothing is perfect – there are times when people just need to vent about whatever is bothering them. But if this person is constantly whining about their relatives, a friend, their boss, the service at the restaurant you’re in, the world, then there’s a good chance they’ll start complaining about you – if they haven’t started already.

Don’t forget to go with your gut. If you feel something is off, leave before you find yourself in too deep. The less complicated the relationship is, the better off you are when cutting ties. If you need more tips, check out 100 Tips For Growing Up to help get you on the right track and inspired.