2020 Got Canceled. How To Pivot And Regroup?

how to pivot at work

It may be time to pivot and regroup and it’s not as hard as you think

So, all your plans for 2020 got canceled, disrupted, destroyed, or at best paused. You’re not alone. The entire world got punched in the gut this year, and many have to pivot and regroup. People have lost their jobs, or can no longer do what they do, or have their projects on hold. It’s a scary time, so first acknowledge that and let it sink in. This is a crazy, uncertain time, and it’s normal and OK to feel scared and confused. That doesn’t, however, have to let you feel wholly discouraged and lost.

I love clarity. I love clarity when it comes to my finances, a recovery plan, and work. In recent years, I’ve had to pivot in my professional life more than once. The good news there is it taught me how to think bigger, or at least outside of the box. Here are a few suggestions of things that worked for me on how to pivot and regroup when everything falls apart.

Reassess Your Goals

If your life has drastically changed then it’s time to look at your goals and see what needs to change. There is no point in feeling bad about a goal that can’t be achieved right now. For example, if you’re a massage therapist and can’t see clients for a couple of months, then it’s not helpful to feel bad about not being able to grow your client list during this time. The first useful thing you can do to regroup and pivot is getting clear on what’s possible and what needs to be put on hold.

List Your Skills

We all have skills we don’t even realize we have. Start by making a list of technical and professional skills you have and then let that list grow. Maybe you’re a great communicator or have writing or design skills you haven’t used in a while that could be brushed up on. If you’re organized, a good accountant, good with animals, these are all skills. Once you have a big, broad list of your skills, star the ones you enjoy the most. It’s always an interesting experience to see what you like the most versus what you do the most.

What Can You Do Online?

There is so much that can be done online these days. I’m watching colleagues move their practices to telehealth, writers going live on social media instead of in-person appearances, people holding their classes, seminars, yoga, mediation, you name it, online. Can you write about what you do? Can you move any part of your business online? Are there skills you listed above that can help you find online work?

Ask For Help

Smart people ask other people for help when they don’t know what to do. Find out what your colleagues are doing for their business. This is an excellent opportunity to check in with anyone you know. Call to see how they are doing, but also ask how they are handling their business during this time. Reach out to people who might have useful guidance for you. Everyone is struggling, so reaching out for help is essential and helps keep us connected.

Take A Test

There came a moment in time where what I was trying to do professionally wasn’t working and I had to find different work. To help me decide what to do, the professional I was working with had me read a book and take a test. The book is StandOut 2.0 by Marcus Buckingham. It didn’t change my direction completely, but it did help me feel confident in moving forward with certain endeavors.

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