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  • It’s become clear to me that I have a phone addiction

    I’ve been traveling and it’s made me realize a few very important things about my phone addiction. For one, I noticed that it’s not just social media, […]

  • If you know what to do about cravings, they’re not so bad

    The first thing to know about cravings is that they are a normal part of quitting anything. While I’m writing about drug and alcohol cravings here, the […]

  • The Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial proves what I’ve always believed – we’re all good and bad

    May is Mental Health Awareness month. So, take a moment to consider how well you are and which self you are feeding. […]

  • Is there anyone who hasn’t seen the news about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

    If so, here it is. The two were married briefly and are now embroiled in a very nasty lawsuit basically over who’s a bigger jerk. […]

  • Lindsey Glass wrote a new post 10 months ago

    People magazine’s cover story about Taylor Hawkins is called ‘A Rock Star’s Shocking Death’

    Don’t get this twisted, I’m sad about Taylor Hawkins. It’s a terrible shame and I’m devastated for his family, as I […]

  • Self Acceptance and self esteem are necessary for long-lasting healthy recovery

    If you think self acceptance isn’t important, you are incorrect on this one. For one to live a long, healthy, happy recovery […]

  • The epidemic of despair overdoses topped 100,000 this year. What can you do to save yourself

    Despair overdoses is what I’m calling an unacceptable death rate that has more than doubled over the last few years. […]

  • The recent overdose of actor Michael K. Williams has adoring fans shaken to the core

    I found out about the actor’s death on a call with a sober friend who was bereft. He was a huge fan and said he hadn’t been […]

  • I like to think I can always find hope in recovery but I’ve been at this a long time

    Learning how to find hope early on is tough. Especially if addiction has caused you to be in circumstances that you’re not […]

  • What, a recovery lifestyle doesn’t sound like it would be good at warfare?

    I beg to differ. A happy recovery lifestyle is the best defense you have against an addicted lifestyle.

    First, before you judge, do […]

  • Sobriety is magical BUT it takes time feel that way

    When I first got sober, it was the biggest punishment in the world. I didn’t want sobriety. Sobriety was necessary for survival. That’s the truth when you’re […]

  • How to build self-esteem is on everyone’s mind so I have some thoughts

    The core of feeling good about yourself, your relationships, your work life, your body, and everything else comes down to self-esteem. The […]

  • But first, what are affirmations?

    The simplest explanation? Affirmations are positive statements intended to challenge negative beliefs. The concept is that if you repeat positive, self-affirming statements, […]

  • Have you ever heard of Brief Therapy? It could be the answer you’re looking for

    Recently, there’s been an uptick in people who want to go into therapy but don’t have years, or even months to put into it. It […]

  • Is a perfectionist making your life miserable?

    This is a common phenomenon and you are not alone in this dilemna.

    How do I know?

    I live with a perfectionist, which is surprising because I’m not a […]

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