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  • Healing from toxic relationships is critical so new relationships don’t suffer!

    Ever find yourself responding to someone in a way you don’t mean? You might be bringing past trauma into your current […]

  • A change is coming to support people in recovery. Recovery Historian William White explores the new trend of bringing the recovery lifestyle into public spaces.

    No culture is neutral about psychoactive drugs. […]

  • Can’t sleep? Odds are, you’re not alone. Sleeping problems are very common in the early days, weeks and even months of recovery due to the post-acute withdrawal process. Your body must reestablish regular sleep […]

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  • Do you have a weekly recovery check list? Here’s how it helps. By the time we find recovery, most of us realize what we were doing before wasn’t working. And many of us are ready to make drastic changing in the […]

  • In the spring of 1978, First Lady Betty Ford publicly announced her recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. It was a stunning moment for those who had long worked to destigmatize addiction. For over […]

  • Why You Need A Doctor For Addiction Treatment – Imagine being told that you have a progressively debilitating and potentially fatal medical disorder. It’s widely recognized in the research […]

  • I regularly receive emails and phone calls that poignantly illuminate the stigma and discrimination people can face as they make the journey through addiction to recovery and a life of purpose and meaning. Drug […]

  • In a bleeding world, where are the sources of cultural healing and communal healing? When our connecting fabric is shredding under the assault of hateful rhetoric, where do we find common ground—settings where p […]

  • What are the life risks after a non fatal overdose? Drug overdose deaths in the United States have risen exponentially due to sequenced drug surges: 1) prescription opioids, 2) heroin, 3) illicit fentanyl and […]

  • The explosive growth of nonclinical recovery support services (RSS) as an adjunct or alternative to professionally-directed addiction treatment and participation in recovery mutual aid societies raises three […]

  • A client once told me, “Alcoholism is a fire that has raged through my family for generations. We’ve all been burned. We all carry its scars.”
    Addiction Distorts Family Roles, Rules and Rituals
    Addiction n […]

  • A rare conversation about children affected by addiction from two pillars of the recovery movement. William L White, the premier addiction treatment historian and pioneer recovery advocate, interviews Jerry Moe, […]

  • The devastating effects of addiction on physical/emotional health and social functioning have been meticulously catalogued, but far less attention has been given to its toll on character and the role character […]

  • An addiction solution is possible with some changes in the way we deal with the disease. Addiction, now defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease, is still more often punished than treated in our society. No […]

  • Addiction counseling has become an increasingly professional and pristine affair. And yet something is missing something. The word is LOVE.

    Service relationships reflect a more detached process than in […]