Principles For Growth
Principles For Growth

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In recovery, you’ll learn more about principles for growth

Below is an excerpt from Kyczy Hawk’s book, Life in Bite-Sized Morsels:

I teach a yoga class at a place in the foothills of southwestern San Jose. We start at 9 a.m. This morning I took a pleasant post-rain drive up the hill to the center. While it is mostly an urban drive along a frontage road paralleling a major freeway, a pond with egrets, ducks and rushes is also along the side. A turn onto a side road continues the climb to the facility.

As the road winds along the side of the hill, one can see cattle and calves in the higher ground, and wild turkeys and deer wandering the fields along the blacktop. With my windows rolled down I can hear the cheeps and chirps of birds over the hiss of my tires on the pavement. Flocks of birds fly up when I pass too close to a shrub that has provided them roost. Redwing blackbirds pose on the fence and the electrical wires that line the gullies on the side of the road.

I park at the side of the building

And then I grab my chime and my mat, and close the door of my truck. A flock of wild turkeys complain and rush up the hill. The trees are in bloom, the sky is clear blue, and the breeze brings the scents of spring and hope. The spring growth is visible all around me—the newness born after a long winter.

I go into the hall, where the women wait for me on their mats. What joy it is to roll out my mat! I think about the long winter of active addiction as we move. Recovery offers a type of new growth emerging from winter’s barren ground. In our practice we find grounding in our poses and healing in the practice. With hope we move into the spring of our recovery—awkward like the foals, needy like the chicks, and bold like the mother ducks protecting their young.

Roll out your mat, your dreams, anywhere, and bloom.

Principles For Growth Answer Key
Principles For Growth Answer Key

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Kyczy Hawk

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