Our self-help books offer a range of informational reading, journaling space, and pictures to color. We offer a line of four books, including 100 Tips For Growing Up. These 100 easy-to-digest and implement tips are arranged according to MASLOW’S Hierarchy of Needs. From basic life skills to lofty life goals, this roadmap self-improvement was  curated from advice of experts over Lindsey’s 20 years of recovery progress not perfection. The tips include notes to help implement and space on every page for journaling. By the co-founder of Reach Out Recovery and ASAM award-winning documentary The Secret World of Recovery, comes a comprehensive guide to self care, self improvement and self realization

By Lindsey Glass, co-founder of Reach Out Recovery and award-winning documentarian for Secret World Of Recovery and The Silent Majority. Lindsey has lived and worked in recovery for 20 years, studying the wisdom of experts every step of the way. Now she shares her experiences and their wisdom with you. From basic life skills, to managing work, restoring relationships, finding satisfying work, dreaming big and getting there, Lindsey covers it all.

Have a teen who needs a guide for living? A college student struggling with life skills? How about someone new to recovery who needs easily-digestible tips to manage life, feel good again, learn self-esteem, imagine and fulfill dreams, restore relationships.

Find Your True Colors In 12 Steps  recovery activity book will delight and inspire everyone impacted by addiction and dysfunction.  Our all new and expanded workbook links the most important tools for recovery literacy and personal growth. 12 Step Principles, Recovery information, Soothing Pictures and Patterns to color, Writing Prompts,  and Space for Journaling.

This bold, new recovery activity book includes:

  • 12 Step Principles
  • Recovery information
  • 76 Soothing pictures and patterns to color
  • 36 Writing prompts
  • Space for journaling

The Teen Guide To Health. What every teen needs to know about, getting and staying, healthy no matter who or where you are. Empower your teen to understand body, brain, and emotional health. Easy to read and understand with tips for the whole family.

The Teen Guide To Health is the one simple roadmap every teen needs to get and stay healthy. 144 fun and easy to read pages to explore in class or read at home. A prevention tool that answers questions and give the facts to empower teens to make healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Explains body and brain development
  • Explores the three pillars of health: physical, emotional, social
  • Shows how all the components of health work together
  • Tells how substances and alcohol impact brain, body and emotional development
  • Empowers teens to make healthy choices

The 8 C’s Coloring book for children.

The 8 C’s Coloring book helps children in challenging and scary situations. Perfect for foster and refugee children who need reassurance that they can be all right no matter what is happening now. The delightful 25 page coloring book comes with a story, pages to color, new words to learn, and crayons,.

Children need to feel hope that everything will be all right no matter what is happening in their lives right now. Empowerment and creativity are mixed with new ideas on how to connect, express themselves and be all right.  A delightful coloring book for children 5-10 .

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