Recovery Quote: Break Patterns

courage to break patterns quote
Break patterns

Recovery quote of the day

Today’s recovery quote of the day is about breaking the old patterns. Do you have patterns or behaviors you keep repeating that are no longer serving you? For example, do you go to work for the same abusive boss time after time? Do you find yourself in unhealthy relationships over and over? This recovery quote explains that it takes courage to change but with change comes new, healthier patterns.

Don’t know where to begin? Here’s how to start breaking patterns

First, recognize what the patterns are that are creating problems in your life. What do you struggle with every day? Can’t stop drinking? Can’t stop fighting with a loved one or family member? Write it out so you can see what’s going wrong in your life. Second, find some support or someone who can help guide you through breaking these patterns. A therapist, a self-help book, a friend in recovery can all help!

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