Recovery Quote: Happy Life

Don't work all the time quote
Happy Life

Want a happy life? Who doesn’t

To build a happy life, you have to have balance. Today’s recovery quote is about balance. Life doesn’t have to be a grind. We have the power to find moments in the day to enjoy something, call someone, close our eyes for a moment, and do anything else we enjoy. Taking time to reflect and work on recovery is absolutely critical to a long-term healthy recovery.

Don’t know where to begin finding joy in recovery? Here’s how to start finding balance

For a happy life, look at your schedule. Are there things that can be rearranged so you have more time for yourself? Not possible? Look at the moments that stress you out the most and see what can be done. Crazy work schedule? What can you do on the commute to relax? What are the things you really love? A coffee and a walk? It doesn’t have to be complicated. A couple of happy moments throughout the day can do wonders!

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