Take the quiz below to find out which ROR pin best reveals your personality! We all have our own little quirks – well, so do these pins! Reveal your personality: Which ROR pin are you based on these five questions?

  1. 1 When you get ready to go out, you absolutely have to wear

    1. A fun scarf
    2. A denim jacket
    3. Your favorite cap
    4. A soft sweater
    5. Your favorite flannel
  2. 2 During a night in, you love to

    1. Watch your favorite movie with your friends, partner, or pets
    2. Curl up with a good book, like 100 Tips For Growing Up
    3. Night in? You're more likely to meet up with friends for coffee or walk the mall
    4. Sitting around with friends sharing stories
    5. Taking a walk under the stars, soaking in the brisk night air
  3. 3 You like to splurge on

    1. Shoes or new flavors of tea
    2. Informational books - you can never have enough information
    3. Small snack to take with you during hikes and trips - and maybe some essential oils
    4. Blankets - you have so many already, but the more the merrier
    5. Workout gear
  4. 4 When it comes to communication with people you

    1. Prefer texting, but can sometime forget to text back - oops
    2. Prefer a phone call - but you refuse to listen to your voicemail
    3. Prefer FaceTime or Skype - you like to see the person, but sometimes have so much on your plate that you can't always physically be there
    4. Prefer face-to-face - anywhere is fine
    5. Prefer some other app - you like to engage through photos and snapshots of your day
  5. 5 If you could have any profession you would

    1. Be in the spotlight - act, sing, dance
    2. Do something athletic - or maybe be a sports broadcaster or a physical therapist
    3. therapist
      A therapist, author, professor
    4. A preschool teacher, artist, or work with animals
    5. Something exciting like be an EMT, Firefighter, or doctor/nurse

Reveal Your Personality! Which ROR Pin Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    Glittery Sober Sisters

    Whether you're dark and edgy or pinkand peppy, you've got a ton of pizzazz to your personality! You love to sing and dance and wear a great, big smile most of the time. 

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  2. Quiz result

    Stick With The Winners!

    In recovery, we stick with the winners for a reason and you know exactly how to find and surround yourself with them! You are a winner. So, people probably seek you out and want to be around you. You have such a bright, shiny smile and give off positive vibes. Keep on going! 

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  3. Quiz result


    Like the HALT pin, you like to predict people's moods and make sure they are aware of what they're feeling. Maybe you feel like people like to come to you to vent - and you know you're good at directing people towards making better decisions. You also seem to always have a good snack on your person and maybe some sort of stress ball. 

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  4. Quiz result

    Don't Go

    You may feel a little anxious at times and really enjoy the company of others, which is why your enamel pin personality is "Don't Go." You love the support from others and adore supporting them in return. After all - no one can get through life alone. 

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  5. Quiz result

    I'm A Miracle

    You know how trying life is and have been through plenty of difficult times, to say the least, which is why you're the "Miracle" pin. You've got grit for making it through it all, so keep your head high! A friendly competition is always welcome, too. Challenges don't scare you anymore. Remind everyone that you're here and ready to tackle everything that life throws at you!

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Samantha Curreli
Samantha Curreli is a staff writer at Reach Out Recovery. Sam is also a graduate of Arcadia University's MFA in Creative Writing Program and a freelance journalist for New Jersey music magazine, The Aquarian Weekly. She has had multiple pieces of fiction published in literary magazines and short story anthologies.

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