Self Esteem Quote: Your Mental Illness Is Lying

your mental illness is lying to you
Your mental illness is lying

How Is Your Mental Illness Lying To You

Your mental illness is lying to you, here’s how. Mental Illness, like depression and anxiety, as well as addiction have a terrible way of distorting your thinking. Your thinking is what keeps you sane and happy, shoves you down in the dumps in the worst way. When you hear all the things listed above, you have to learn how to fight back. Do you have a cloud over your head all the time? Do you think you’re worthless when other people tell you you’re fine? Those are signs that your mental illness is lying to you. It giving you monkey brain that spins the same self doubts in a loop over and over.

Your Mental Illness Is Lying To You: How You How Do You Get Monkey Brain To Stop

It’s no secret that overcoming self doubt is something that has to be worked on almost every day if you are in addiction recovery. Sad but true. Recovery is filled with many challenges as we work to become better versions of ourselves. But you don’t need to be in recovery to have problems with positive thinking and self-esteem. Obstacles, like self control when it comes to triggers and cravings to use again (or eat again, or shop again), are always in front of us. But we can help our brains to heal. As we get more experience with the new tools  provided by the recovery lifestyle. We also develop new life skills that bring self confidence and alternative choices we didn’t have before. read more