Sober Quote: Empowering Words

Empowering words show your pride

Why are these such empowering words? “I don’t drink.”

Empowering words, like these, grow on you. Can you say something that used to cause you discomfort? There are many empowering words that show your pride about things that may once have bothered you. Here’s an example: I’ve lived in places where people frown on you because of your religion or your political beliefs, and that can make you feel less than or ashamed. I used to shrivel a little inside when verbally assaulted by people who didn’t hold the same views that I do, or who drink heavily when I don’t want to.

Empowering words are things you say without shame

And now I’m proud. I have just reached my first dozen years of sobriety, and I am so proud to say “I don’t drink.” It wasn’t always that way. For twelve years I have not had a drink. First of all, I never thought my being sober curious, and giving up alcohol for a while would become a lifestyle that would last a lifetime. When I first told people “I don’t drink,” I felt I had to explain. It seemed a little weird to be around drinking people and not be part of the party.

You’re no fun was a response that hurt

Those words were meant to put me down. Empowering words to lift me up. In fact, I’m more fun now that sobriety is my way of life. I don’t have to worry about driving home while impaired, or getting too loud or argumentative after a glass of wine. If I fall, it’s not because of alcohol. No DUIs for me. I don’t drink is right for me and our family, and now it’s empowering to say it.

Empowering words like these definitely need sober inspiration along the way and support. Try Al-anon or Alcoholics Anonymous for groups that will make you feel your choice is the right one for you.