Top 10 Boundary Quotes

Boundary quotes

Our top 10 boundary quotes are a great reminder that you don’t have to do everything everyone else wants you to do. If you are a people pleaser, do you know what it means? What are the people pleasing pitfalls you fall into? Are you codependent? That means you value other peoples needs and wants […]

Boundary Quotes: Boundaries Keep You Healthy

Boundary quotes Boundaries make healthy relationships

Why do boundaries make healthy relationships Boundaries may sound like walls, but there is a big difference between a wall and a boundary. We’ve heard a lot about walls recently. The purpose of walls is to keep yourself or your group separate from others, which includes everyone else. The problem with walls, however, is the […]

Boundary Quotes: Know Your Limits

Boundary quotes know your limits

Always be sure to know your limits – and remember to enforce them. You have your own life to be responsible for. It’s tough to pull yourself out of the mindset that it’s okay to stretch too thinly to be there for anyone who asks. However, we have to remember that we’re only one person […]

Boundary Quotes: Boundaries Show Respect

want respect make boundaries

If you want respect, make those boundaries count. Boundaries help keep others from walking all over you like a doormat. Without them, others feel that they can get away with pushing you around – those limits you have? They don’t know about them. Voice your limits and solidify them. No means no. Respect And Boundaries […]

How To Respond To Negative People Will Surprise You


How to respond to negative people is not what you think. Let’s face it. Negative people tend to make us feel bad. Do you have a friend or relative who shoots down every idea you have, good or bad? Does that make you feel helpless and useless? Do you just want to rip your face […]

Boundary Quotes: Stop Allowing It

Quote of the day allow

This is one of our favorite quotes, “Don’t Keep Allowing It.” We tend to put ourselves in other people’s heads and torture ourselves with their motives. Why is someone we love hurting us? What are they thinking? Why can’t they be more (sensitive, loving, caring, respectful)? All we need to be thinking about is how […]