Enabling Quotes: Helper Or Enabler

enabling quotes helping or enabling know the difference

How do you know the difference between helping and enabling? We all struggle with this, both as parents of small children and later in many families where loved ones are struggling with mental illness and substance or alcohol use disorder (SUD and AUD). What should you do to help, and how much help is too […]

Enabling Quotes: Stop Enabling Poor Choices

Enabling quotes stop enabling

How can you stop enabling? This is such a tricky question because the line between helping and supporting and enabling is not always black and white. Rescuing is critically important when you’re dealing with young children. But adults, whether friends, loved ones, or relatives, who keep making poor choices and hurting themselves need life lessons […]

Boundary Quotes: Time Is Valuable

Boundary quote Time is valuable

Do you think your time is valuable? In fact, your time is your most valuable asset. That’s why so many people want it. Setting boundaries may be difficult when relationships are already long-established. It’s important to know where you draw the line, so others in your life don’t take advantage. It’s not surprising that your […]

Detachment Quotes: Time To Let Go

detachment quotes time to let go

Sometimes, it’s hard to see when it’s time to let go – but when it hurts too much to hold on, it’s not worth it. Not even healthy relationships will always work out, no matter how much we want them to. If you’re on the fence about staying with someone, consider it red flag a […]

Enabling Quotes: When Helping Hurts

Quote of the day helping

Helping someone shouldn’t hurt you in return When helping hurts is something we need to think about a lot more. This quote resonates in so many ways. Do you ever do something to help someone else (a loved one or friend, perhaps) that is way too inconvenient or costly, or painful to you? We have. […]