Self Esteem Quote: Your Mental Illness Is Lying

your mental illness is lying to you

How Is Your Mental Illness Lying To You Your mental illness is lying to you, here’s how. Mental Illness, like depression and anxiety, as well as addiction have a terrible way of distorting your thinking. Your thinking is what keeps you sane and happy, shoves you down in the dumps in the worst way. When […]

Self Love Quote: Give Love To Yourself

Give love to yourself Today’s self-love quote of the day is about how sometimes in life we don’t get what we need as children. Maybe our parents weren’t available or had issues themselves. For whatever reason, if you didn’t get the love and nurturing you needed as a child, you can learn to give it […]

Sober Quote: Being in Recovery

Being in recovery restores all the qualities you lost in addiction Being in recovery sobriety quote is about how recovery can return everything we lost in addiction or alcoholism. Often people talk about losing their integrity, faith, and gratitude in active addiction. But, once someone makes the decision to be sober and begins down the […]

Self Worth Quotes: See Your Worth

Quote of the day worth

Can you see your worth? Everybody is unique, has value, and deserves to be valued. How to determine when your friends and loved ones aren’t loving you as they should?

Self Worth Quotes: More Than You Think

Quote of the day braver

Don’t forget that you’re more than you think. One way to bolster your self-esteem is to get rid of the negative self-talk that doesn’t let you feel how brave, smart, and strong you really are. Here’s a way to fix that.