22 Tips For Sober Life This Summer

sober life

Sober Life Does Not Have To Be Boring At first, sober life is tough. You may be used to hitting the clubs and bars, and have friends who do the same. That doesn’t work for most people in their new sober life. But, don’t be alarmed, there’s so much more to life and the truth […]

Growing Up In Recovery After You Get Sober

Growing up in Recovery

Growing Up In Recovery: I Wrote The Book Why growing up in recovery is not just stopping using. If you stick around recovery groups for a while, you’ll eventually hear someone talk about growing up in recovery. That’s my story. When this all began, I simply needed to get sober and stay sober. What I […]

Why Everyone Need 100 Tips For Growing Up

100 Tips For Growing Up

100 Tips For Growing Up Is Great For Any Age Maybe the people who raised you knew nothing about growing up, so you need the 100 Tips For Growing Up to improve your life skills. Or, maybe your parents were adolescent therapists who specialized in the changing teen brain, but they still didn’t get it […]

It’s Not Safe To Relapse: 3 C’s Prevention

It's Not Safe To relapse

It’s Not Safe To Relapse: Prevention Tips That Work It’s not safe to relapse because can mean death in this fentanyl landscape. Here’s the scary truth: It is no longer safe to relapse on narcotics or Rx drugs. I was a relapser before I got sober for good, so know this is coming from a […]

6 Tips To Find Hope

find hope in recovery

Here’s How To Find Hope In Recovery Learning how to find hope early on is tough. Especially if addiction has caused you to be in circumstances that you’re not proud of, like financial instability, legal troubles, family break-ups, etc. There are a lot of hopeless addicts out there and I get it because I was […]