5 Ways Narcissists Use Projection


Narcissists use projection to confuse and manipulate you Narcissists can’t accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong. So if something isn’t working, and they want control over the situation, they literally put their feelings on you. So it doesn’t matter what you really think or what you’ve done, narcissists will turn whatever you say or think or […]

Treating A Case Of Toxic Anger

Toxic anger

Toxic Anger Can Ruin Your Day Or You Can Let Go Have you ever had poison ivy? It’s a miserable rash that seethes, oozes, and blisters. It spreads quickly and can even scar. A recent brush with toxic anger affected me in a similar way. Here’s what happens when you have a run-in with with […]

Top 10 Toxic Friendship Quotes

to 10 toxic friendship quotes

We’ve collected your favorite toxic friendship quotes in place. How many of these do you know? Boundaries are important in any relationship, but think about the last time you and your BFF shared an embarrassing secret and that supposed “BFF” overstepped their boundaries – and told the rest of your friend group? Read More… People who […]

Are Blamers Always Toxic People

Who are the blamers

Blamers can be toxic people who look for faults in others to take control Not all blamers are toxic people, though. Some people are perfectionists who are uncomfortable with anything that doesn’t seem exactly right to them. Discomfort can come when cultural expectations for the way things should be are not met. Perfectionists may be […]