Toxic Relationship Quotes: Signs To Know

Signs you're in a toxic relationship

To many, it can be hard to tell when you’re in a toxic relationship. After years of dealing with the abuse, or letting little red flags go until it seems like it’s “too late,” these signs may not pop as much as they would for others. This can be dangerous – while these signs aren’t […]

Toxic Relationship Quotes: Show Respect VS No Respect

show respect

How can people show respect? Do you know someone who always makes you feel bad? Guess what? When someone doesn’t respect you, the relationship could turn toxic, maybe already is. Whether that friend, partner, colleague, relative – whomever – ignores your feelings or they hop over your boundaries like a jump rope, things can become […]

Toxic Friendship Quotes: Good Friends

Toxic friendship quotes good friends

Good friends are the people who can help you heal Good friends are what you long for and need. Do you have them? Are you trying to recover from relationships with people who have hurt you in the past? You can heal from a toxic relationship and develop the strength you need to attract the […]

Toxic Relationship Quotes: Escape Fast

toxic relationship quotes escape fast

When you feel that you’re in a toxic relationship – run. Do gaslighting or ghosting sound familiar? How about a constant stream of lies and jealousy? How in control do you feel in your relationship? Sometimes, we give our partners the benefit of the doubt and suppress our gut feelings. Don’t do that. It only […]

Narcissist Quotes: Time To Leave

Narcissist quotes time to leave

Sometimes, it’s hard to accept when it’s time to leave. But don’t stick around because you’re afraid to say goodbye. If you’re feeling hurt or unwanted, leave to help yourself. Not for revenge. No matter the circumstance, act for yourself if you feel that something is wrong. Acting for someone else can cause a multitude […]

Toxic Relationship Quotes: The Silent Treatment

The Silent Treat is the passive Aggressive's weapon

The silent treatment is the passive aggressive’s go-to tool of control and abuse because it really hurts. It’s like a nuclear annulation. When someone isn’t talking to you, looking at you, or listening to you, you are effectively shut down, shut out. The weapon that erases you You may feel crazy. You wonder what’s wrong. […]