Toxic friendship quotes Good friends
Good friends are not toxic

Good friends are the people who can help you heal

Good friends are what you long for and need. Do you have them? Are you trying to recover from relationships with people who have hurt you in the past? You can heal from a toxic relationship and develop the strength you need to attract the very best of friends.

Here’s how. Are you dwelling on the grief of a toxic relationship lost? Sounds weird to say you miss a person who hurt you, but it’s all too true that we often miss the people who abused us. It’s not easy to get over relationships that we wanted and hoped would be nourishing and lasting. When bad relationships are over, for whatever the reason, we may feel so sad we tell ourselves it wasn’t so bad, even when it was. read more

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Haley Laferney
Haley Laferney is the Graphic Designer at Reach Out Recovery and a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design. She is also a gold and silver ADDY award winner.

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