Toxic Relationship Quotes: Show Respect VS No Respect

show respect
show respect
It Could Turn Toxic When There’s No Respect

How can people show respect? Do you know someone who always makes you feel bad? Guess what? When someone doesn’t respect you, the relationship could turn toxic, maybe already is. Whether that friend, partner, colleague, relative – whomever – ignores your feelings or they hop over your boundaries like a jump rope, things can become damaging. You have the strength and capability to speak for yourself and either command respect, or leave. Every situation is different, so it’s important to evaluate yours and act as you deem appropriate.

Create Boundaries For Respect

Don’t let anyone cross those boundaries. By disregarding your own boundaries, especially when it’s not your idea yet, people will take the chance to walk all over you. In doing so, they gain the upper hand and, as you dropped your boundaries for them, they’ll drop their respect.

Avoid Toxic People – They Show Limited Respect

Toxic people tend to only show respect for themselves and their superiors – sometimes. If you have a toxic friend or partner, consider their actions towards you. Do they show you the respect you deserve? Do they accept your boundaries? Have they ever ghosted, gaslighted, or bullied you?

Remember That Not Everyone Will Show Respect

If you feel that someone doesn’t give you the amount of respect you deserve, either show them why you should be respected or leave. Sometimes, people underestimate others at first glance. Speak up, create boundaries, and show off how great you are. Or, if you’ve been around this person for a while and you’re still overlooked, leave. They don’t deserve you.

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Or, if you think you know how to spot a toxic person, test your knowledge below. You may be surprised by your results.