8 Ways Narcissists Play the Victim

narcissists play the victim

Narcissists Play The Victim To Manipulate Their Victims Narcissists play the victim. Poor me somebody else did something to me. It’s not my fault. Ever. You’ve been seeing a lot about narcissism lately. If there is a narcissist in your life, you often feel like tearing your hair out with frustration. You want the truth. […]

4 Tips To Recover From A Narcissist

recover from a narcissist

It’s Hard To Recover From A Narcissist So Make A Plan First and foremost, you are not crazy. Know that. When it comes time to recover from a narcissist, there’s confusion and shame because at some point you knew you were not being treated well. But confused and gaslighted, you didn’t know how to get […]

Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationships

abusive relationships

Staying In Abusive relationships: It’s Complicated The first thing to understand about abusive relationships is that we don’t always know we’re in one. A traumatic childhood or demanding parents may have led us down a path where certain behaviors are not foreign and don’t seem dangerous. Many women are confused about whether or not they […]

What Does Arguing With A Narcissist Sound Like

arguing with a narcissist

Arguing with a narcissist is a recipe for frustration Arguing with a narcissist will get you nowhere. We’ve had plenty of experiences with narcissists over the years, so we know all too well what it sounds like to find yourself up against an arguing narcissist. In order to prevent this situation, because you will never […]

How To Heal From A Toxic Relationship

toxic relationship

Can You Heal From A Toxic Relationship, Yes You Can Not all relationships are made in heaven. A toxic relationship can reduce you to rubble. The nicest people are often sucked into hurtful situations, they may have grown up and become used to them. We’ve been there so we know what it feels like to […]

5 Ways Narcissists Use Projection


Narcissists use projection to confuse and manipulate you Narcissists can’t accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong. So if something isn’t working, and they want control over the situation, they literally put their feelings on you. So it doesn’t matter what you really think or what you’ve done, narcissists will turn whatever you say or think or […]