Toxic Relationship Quotes: Ex For A Reason

Ex for a reason
Ex for a reason toxic relationship quotes
They’re An Ex For A Reason

They’re an ex for a reason. Whether they were toxic, abusive, or just not for you, your goal is to find someone totally different. That can be for a romantic relationship or even just a friendship. Do you know how to spot toxic qualities for your next relationship? Partners and friends are meant to be supportive, but when you realize you’re stressed out after spending time with them, how do you stay free from them? Here are three tips.

Create Boundaries For Your Ex

Ex-friend, ex-partner – these people were in your life and now they’re not. Some of them may not be too keen on leaving you alone, even after you’ve tried to cut ties with them. Create boundaries and stick with them. Remember: these people have spent weeks, months – maybe even years getting to know you. They know how to play with your strengths and, more often, weaknesses. Don’t let them cross those boundaries you’ve made.

Don’t Feed Your Ex’s Appetite For Drama

There comes a point where you have to put your foot down. You’re trying to get away from these people for a reason – you don’t want to acknowledge any drama they’re trying to create. Investing in their woes and cries for attention will not help you – or them. Cut the cord and move on.

Learn From Your Ex

Learn what you don’t want in your life and stick to it. If you find yourself gravitating back to someone with those similar, toxic qualities, leave before getting sucked back in. Try writing out what you want to better understand what you want – and in the recovery workbook 100 Tips For Growing Up, there are even more helpful notes and journaling tips to help get you started.