Depressed Quotes: Feel Your Hurt To Heal

Feel your hurt depressed quote
Feel your hurt depressed quotes
If It Hurts You It Hurts You

Why is it important to feel your hurt? Pain is natural, but hard to work through. So many of us try to hide that pain – ignore the feelings and push through the emotions without making the attempt to cope with them. But that’s dangerous. Here’s why.

Avoiding Your Hurt Can Lead To Denial

Ignoring pain – emotional or physical – is also known as denial. Denying those negative feelings can make you sick. It’s never healthy to suppress or hide some form of pain. It’s a recipe for extra stress, anxiety, and depression.

May Lead To Drinking Or Drug Use

Pain doesn’t always go away on its own. You have to help it move along. But if those negative feelings aren’t taken care of, they can build up and those suffering have a higher chance of turning to alcohol and drugs to help numb the pain. Instead of embracing the temporary discomfort and getting help, they choose to self-medicate, which leads to even more difficulties.

Ignoring Your Hurt Can Delay Improvement In Recovery

It’s important to feel and work through your emotions – especially when in recovery. How can you free yourself while still suppressing pain? Work through the nagging discomfort to avoid more difficulties in recovery.

It’s tough to feel your hurt – and to really work through it. If you or a loved one is looking for some inspiration or tips to help power through, try out the recovery workbook 100 Tips For Growing Up.