Top 5 Lessons From Mom

mother's lessons in a tent

Mother’s Day Special! Here are the top 5 lessons from mom?

What are your lessons from mom? Not everybody has a great relationship with his/her mother. I have plenty of friends who are no longer on speaking terms with their moms for a variety of reasons. That’s heartbreaking for me because I’m fortunate to have a good relationship with my own mom. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few important lessons from her. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are the top five:

1. Respect

My first lesson from mom (and dad) taught me respect, so I grew up respecting them. It’s a two-way street, and I know I was fortunate to have had such trust and confidence from my mom. I was allowed to go out to friends’ houses and parties, and they knew I would be safe because they respected me. They let me have this responsibility and freedom because they trusted me to make safe and healthy decisions.

2. Self-Expression

My second lesson from mom was self expression is important. In my high school days, I was enamored with funky-colored hair. I was always too much of a chicken to actually bleach my hair, so my mom and I would color over my ginger-brown locks with streaks of semi-permanent blue dye. We’d spread sheets of newspaper over the kitchen tiles. Then we’d make a mess and spread blue all over my hair. sure we were getting just the right amount of blue in there. With her help and acceptance, I was able to have some fun and experiment with my appearance. I didn’t have to hide it or stress about negative opinions.

3. It’s Okay To Cry

My third lesson from mom was that it’s okay to have emotions. My mom is a very strong lady, but she can be a little emotional sometimes. I adore her for it. When Marley and Me came out in theaters, I told her not to go because she’d get fined for flooding the theater. I learned through her weeping at the drop of a hat that crying is fine and healthy. It’s okay to show emotions. We aren’t meant to be robots.

4. Don’t Lose The Kid Inside

My fourth lesson from mom is enjoy the fun and keep it going. When the holiday season swings around, my mom and I get pumped. From September until Boxing Day, our house is decorated for something. Halloween is a big deal in my house. Once mid-August rolls around, we’re counting down the days for the super store Spirit Halloween to open. This past October, we decided to make our own Halloween wreath together and it turned out pretty well. And at Christmas, we’re ready to dive into the several bins in the garage to deck the halls.

5. Unconditional Love

My fifth lesson from mom was that she could listen and make up when we disagreed. While I’ve never gotten into a great war with my mom, we’ve had our disagreements. But no matter what, we got over whatever wall was wedged between us. We always made up pretty quickly. She was, and is always there for me, whether it’s with a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or arms open and ready for a hug.

I don’t have those lessons at the front of my brain all day, every day because they’ve been ingrained in my mind. But I know they’re important, helpful tips for many others. Do you think any of these lessons can help you or someone you may know?