What Have You Done For YOU Lately

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Do you have a weekly recovery check list? Here’s how it helps. By the time we find recovery, most of us realize what we were doing before wasn’t working. And many of us are ready to make drastic changing in the people, places, and things related to our downfall, but where to start? And how do we keep that up? Doing a weekly recovery check-up helps you monitor your progress and add new healthy activities to your week.

Your Weekly Recovery Check List

This checklist serves two purposes. First, it helps you look back and monitor your recovery process. Second, if you find many of these activities didn’t make it into your schedule, you can easily see which ones need a little more intentional planning to incorporate. In the past week, have you:
  • Set personal positive goals for myself this week.
  • Attended at least one recovery support group this past week.
  • Had individual contact with my sponsor this week.
  • Applied recovery concepts to my daily life this week.
  • Spent leisure time with others in recovery this week.
  • Enjoyed time with friends this week who support my recovery.
  • Successfully avoided people, places and things I associate with my addiction.
  • Tried to do something positive to improve my relationship with my spouse/partner this week.
  • Had positive contact with my children this past week.
  • Read recovery-related literature this week.
  • Carry one or more objects with me every day that remind me of my commitment to recovery.
  • Called or visited someone in recovery this week.
  • My diet and exercise this past week will enhance my physical health.
  • Tended to any physical problems I experienced this past week.
  • Had a good week at school or work.
  • It was a good week emotionally for me.

Using Weekly Recovery Check-up To Plan

So, how did you do? This weekly check-up can show you patterns in changing past harmful habits. It can also show you if you need to add any new helpful habits. After reviewing your list, is your recovery spirit starving from lack of nourishment? Are you as physically strong as you could be? Did you run into many past triggers? After reviewing my weekly recovery check-up, what do you need to purposely add to your schedule for next week?

Content originally published by William White. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.