What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non emergency medical transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services Help 6 Types of Patients

What is non emergency medical transportation services and who needs it? Not all patients need an ambulance for transportation. Unlike in emergency situations where the closest medical transportation option is immediately dispatched to respond to a patient in need, it’s possible to schedule the use of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in advance. An NEMT ambulance dispatch software enables medical transportation service providers to efficiently schedule their teams and vehicles. This way, these providers can make sure that they have enough resources to respond to the needs of both emergency and non-emergency patients in their area of operation.

Non emergency medical transportation
Non Emergency Medical Transportation

NEMT services are advantageous to patients who may not have the means to get to essential medical appointments. Often, these patients have a hard time reaching a medical facility or meeting their care providers due to economic difficulties, mobility issues, or the lack of a comprehensive transportation system in their area. In particular, NEMT providers typically extend their services to the following types of patients:

People With Behavioral Conditions Need Non Emergency MedicalTransportation

People in need of behavioral health services are some of the most frequent users of NEMT. This service enables them to get to and from their medical appointments while reducing their exposure to dangerous situations and stimuli that can trigger the unwanted manifestations of their conditions. The use of NEMT services reduces the level of planning needed to ensure that a person with behavioral conditions can arrive at their medical appointment in the best possible mindset to work together with their healthcare providers.

Mental Illness And Addiction Patients Need Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Mental health issues can make it difficult for a person to leave their home due to fear and anxiety, or it can be that leaving the safety of their house makes them quite prone to dangerous situations. For example, people who are easily confused or those who suffer from hallucinations can have an extremely difficult time utilizing public transportation systems. They will be much safer if they are transported by NEMT to and from their medical appointments.

NEMT providers also serve as a lifeline to people with addiction. People who have this condition often have to go through a lengthy treatment process to regain control of their lives and improve their health. The services of an NEMT provider help people with addiction keep up with their treatment sessions, especially if their health has been inadvertently affected by their condition.

People With Disabilities And Chronic Illnesses

People with disabilities and chronic illnesses often require frequent medical appointments to ensure that they are in the best possible condition and that their health issues are promptly attended to. It can be difficult for them to keep up with these appointments, especially if their only options were to use public transportation or board vehicles that don’t have the necessary medical equipment to support their needs. NEMT options can make it much easier for them to get medical attention and help ensure that they are able to maintain their best possible quality of life.

People Living In Rural Areas Need Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Unlike many big cities, the transportation systems in many rural areas are quite limited. This can be a significant issue for people who have non-emergency health issues that may prevent them from safely using public transport or driving themselves to the nearest medical facility for their healthcare appointments. NEMT service providers offer these people a safer and more convenient means of transportation and help ensure they can continue to be cared for despite the distance between their homes and the nearest clinics and hospitals.

People In Residential Aged Care Homes Often Need Non Emergency Medical Transportation

People who are no longer able to live independently, such as those who are staying in residential aged care homes, also benefit from the services offered by NEMT providers. Many of the residents of assisted living facilities can have mobility and other issues that may make it challenging for them to even leave the facility without the assistance of their caregivers. Through the services of an NEMT provider, people in assisted living facilities can quickly reach their medical appointments and head back to their homes without issue.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Is For Patients Who Need Transfer Services

NEMT can also be utilized in situations where patients need to be transferred from one medical or care facility to another. After receiving the treatment they need from a hospital, a patient might be well enough to be transferred to a local hospital or a medical facility where they can recover further, receive long-term care, or undergo rehabilitation. An NEMT service provider will be needed to transfer the patient in these cases.

Conclusions For Non Emergency Transportation Services

Without NEMT teams, these patients will have a more difficult time receiving the medical attention they need, which can make them more prone to complications brought by their existing conditions or the lack of prompt medical attention. Through the services of NEMT providers, these patients can be assured of easy access to the medical care that they need to improve or maintain their quality of life.

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