Change Quotes: When To Let Go

Change quotes when is it time to let go
Change quotes When Is It Time To Let Go
When Is It Time To Let Go?

It’s hard to say goodbye, but when is it time to let go? Many of us tend to hold on to that person or thing far too long – and it takes a huge toll on us. Whether we don’t want to give up hope or have trapped ourselves in a spiral of denial, it’s important to step back and evaluate the situation in question. You may be disappointed with the outcome, but in the long run, you’ll be happier. Here are three reasons why you may want to consider letting go.

It’s time to let go when you give so much and get nothing in return

Whether this means you are always the first one to initiate conversations or you’re getting ghosted, it could be time to call it quits – or at least have a serious conversation with this person. At this point, the person is taking your kindness and attention for granted (possibly using you) and giving you nothing in return. It’s exhausting and turning into an unhealthy relationship. To learn more about the tips and safety precautions to take when leaving an abusive relationship, click here.

Leave it be when you’re not in love anymore

This is painful but necessary. Consider the situation or relationship. Are you staying based on memories, or are you there because you’re still in love? This can be applied to relationships or activities. Sometimes, we fall out of love with our hobbies or fields of study. People change and that’s fine. If you feel lost or aren’t as thrilled as you used to be while spending time with this person or the activity, take a moment to think. You may be telling yourself you love this person/hobby. But how do you act while with them/performing this activity?

Let go when your gut tells you to

That gut instinct is usually right. Don’t second guess yourself. Do you remember a time when you listened to your gut? What happened? If you feel that something or someone isn’t right for you, don’t stick around. It can get messy and it can get dangerous if this person is abusive. Read more about relationship red flags here.

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