Make yourself at home with our powerful new tool to understand and cope with the nation’s #1 health issue. Addiction impacts nearly every family. Learn all about it and talk amongst yourselves. Addiction prevention and recovery are not a taboo subjects anymore. Together we can end the stigma, help our families, and heal.

Reach Out Recovery is providing the platform, connectivity, and outreach to give 120 million Americans impacted by addiction the information they need to restore their lives. We collaborate.
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We inform. Millions of Americans struggle with addictions to food, tobacco, alcohol, substances, and a wide variety of compulsive behaviors. Even more staggering are the 120-million people directly impacted by the addiction of a loved one, family member, friend, or coworker.
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For Reach Out Recovery Community means the place where the information database and collaboration come together. Reach Out Recovery is here to provide the means of connecting all those affected by addiction with the information they need.
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Providing Daily Information About Addiction And Healthy Living

Your own information database for addiction and healthy living. Here you can read the daily news and hear from the professionals. Learn about addictions and how they impact you. Find tips on family, relationships, and parenting. Get connected to others asking the same questions. Find free community resources to help.



Apple Formally Rejecting Most Marijuana Apps

27-01-2015 McCarton Ackerman

Apple Formally Rejec…

  Apple Formally Rejecting Most Marijuana Apps By McCarton Ackerman 01/27/15 Meanwhile, Android and Google Play are ap...

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Why Do Teens Still Smoke On Addiction Advertising and the Rise of E-cigarettes

27-01-2015 Melinda Carstensen

Why Do Teens Still S…

From Fox News By Melinda Carstensen: U.S. teen smoking rates have dipped below 10 percent, but public health advocates w...

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Senate Passes Bill to Make Anabolic Steroids a Controlled Substance

26-01-2015 John Lavitt

Senate Passes Bill t…

By John Lavitt 01/26/15 The Senate's action was hailed by a number of supplement trade organizations.

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