The Lyrics your Kids Are Listening To

At Reach out Recovery as we take a look at the different areas of media and entertainment, music helps tops the list as a super influential one, both good and bad. From the eccentric personalities writing and producing it, to the wild performers singing it, to the truly gifted singer songwriters, there's a lot out there to be fascinated with. Tons of it is fantastic and positive and there are good role models to be found. But also as we enter this mindful age be in the loop about who your kids are listening to and if they understand the lyrics coming their way. Kids are smart, but parents are wise and have experience. Use yours to help your kids get a clear picture of what some of these lyrics really mean so they'll be informed while they are being influenced.

News 2014-08-30

Colorado’s Legal Weed Shows Up In Over 40 States

By John Lavitt The rapid spread of Colorado weed to other states has created a new black market that has caused headaches for law enforcement. ... Read More »

Students 2014-07-22

The First Six Weeks of College Make All The Difference

By Nadine Knapp:There are many positive aspects to going away to college for the first time. While the student is thrilled to being heading off on an adventure, the parents are often looking at the reality of sending t... Read More »

Entertainment 2014-08-31

Beloved Joan Rivers Comatose In NY Hospital

From The Daily News Joan Rivers was on life-support Saturday as her daughter, family and friends kept an increasingly grim vigil at a Manhattan hospital. ... Read More »

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Opinion 2014-08-31

ROR Online Celebrates 1st Anniversary: The State Of Recovery Now

By Leslie Glass   At One Year ROR Online Is A Story of Persistence and Perseverance, Just Like Recovery Itself  ... Read More »

Family 2014-08-28

The Day You Finally Admit The Problem is Alcoholism

A Reach Out Recovery Exclusive By Madeline Schloop: One of the darkest days living with an addict may be when you realize the mysterious problems you’ve been struggling with has a name. Most of us remember the day we “... Read More »

Lifestyle 2014-08-30

5 Ways To Stop Overeating When Alone

By Jake Omansoor We eat solo about half of the time.  60% at breakfast, 55% at lunch, and up to 70% of the time when eating snacks. Eating alone means overeating.  ... Read More »

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