News 2014-04-17

Nearly a Third of Alcoholic Beverages Have Inaccurate Labels

Investigators from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) discovered that 30 percent of alcoholic beverages have inaccurate liquor content labels. ... Read More »

Students 2014-04-09

Drug Use in College-aged Youth Show Brain Differences

Drug use in young adults has grown exponentially in recent years. While substance abuse continues to rise, drug use in those who classify themselves as occasional users of stimulants, such as cocaine, and certain presc... Read More »

Entertainment 2014-04-17

Edie Falco Talks Nurse Jackie and Sobriety

By David Konow Edie Falco Talks 'Nurse Jackie' and Sobriety As the sixth season of the show is underway, star Edie Falco talks about her pill-popping character's relapse as well as her own 20 years of sobriety. ... Read More »

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Opinion 2014-04-24

Recovering From Domestic Violence

By Nicola O Hanlon  You Have To Get Healthy To Even Talk About It... Read More »

Family 2014-04-07

Recovery Parenting 101 When Prince Charming Becomes the Dragon

By Madeline Schloop The Nightmare Boyfriend Was Controlling and Scary What's A Mother To Do Madeline is the widow of a man who died of alcoholism and the mother of five young adults. She uses Al-Anon tools to stay san... Read More »

Lifestyle 2014-04-15

Learning to Have Fun Again in Recovery

Reach Out Recovery Exclusive by Nadine Knapp   Addiction Of A Loved One Had Beaten Me Down. Could I Ever Have Fun Again? ... Read More »

Spiritual Tip of the week

No one can make you feel inferior
without your consent.
--Eleanor Roosevelt


In this moment, we are the best we can be. Today, we can work at loving the best in ourselves and not fearing the worst. We are truly wonderful and growing people with gifts and qualities that make us who we are. No one can make us feel inferior without our consent. Now, we are in charge of our lives and growth. We can choose to let go of old negative thinking. We can choose to think positive, loving thoughts about ourselves. We never need to be victims again to addiction or to other people. We have options today. We can choose to grow in a positive recovery program. We can choose to have loving, affirming people in our lives. Today I will stick with the winners. I am a winner today and every day.

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