Narcissist Quotes Unsafe To Disagree

An unsafe environment to disagree
what is an unsafe environment to disagree

An unsafe environment to disagree is anywhere you can’t be your true self. It’s a fact that disagreeing with your boss is not a good idea when he likes things done his/her own way. You may not want to disagree with a doctor. That might be unsafe, too. In personal and family relationships, however, an unsafe environment is one in which you don’t feel free to share your feelings and thoughts. Speaking out might get you shot down or punished. Everybody should have a voice.

An unsafe environment to disagree also occurs in families where there is either narcissism or dysfunction related to substance or alcohol use disorder. What should you do when you’re faced with narcissism or a toxic environment? Ask for help.

Do you know what arguing with a narcissist sounds like
To be in a safe environment to agree asking for help can be your salvation.