10 Organization Tips To Make Summer A Breeze

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Who Needs Organizing Tips, We All Do

Do you need organization tips to get  focused on what you want to do so you can get it done. Everyone has goals they want to accomplish this summer, and we bet you are no different. Whether they’re long-term or short-term goals, you may struggle if you’re not well-versed in organizing your life. Use these tips to make your life easier and accomplish anything you want to achieve. Yes, we’ve tried them all. Not everyone likes all of them, but pick at few and stick to it. We promise you won’t be sorry.

10 Organization Tips For Summer

1. Create a To-Do List

It’s hard to accomplish anything if there’s a chance of forgetting your responsibilities. Avoid accidentally leaving things for tomorrow by using an app to make daily to-do lists. You’ll know exactly what to do each day and even gain space to plan tasks in the coming weeks.

2. Keep a Calendar

Planners are vital tools for anyone trying new organization tips. They make life easier by scheduling things throughout the year. You’ll have recurring and one-time responsibilities set up so nothing slips your mind. You can also use a calendar to track your progress if you’re working toward a singular goal, like training for a marathon or prepping meals.

3. Stick With a Routine

People who follow daily routines remember their responsibilities more easily because they know what’s coming next. Consider which tasks are recurring and stick with a daily routine for most of your week. When you get used to doing the same things at the same times, you may not need to write things down anymore.

4. Journal About Your Distractions

If distractions are your biggest challenge when trying to start a new routine or reach a goal, journal about them. You’ll notice patterns in retrospect and become more familiar with the recurring distractions. Eventually, you’ll recognize them in real-time and purposefully avoid them.

You might even develop a love for journaling that helps you record your adventures and work through your daily thoughts. Journaling is a helpful hobby that you can use well beyond the scope of getting more organized.

5. Work With a Timer

Sometimes it’s surprisingly easy to let your mind wander while doing tasks. Some things don’t need constant attention, like painting a wall or copying and pasting data into spreadsheet cells.

If this happens more often than not during your day, set a timer after starting a new responsibility. The visual reminder that you only have so much time to complete the task may help you focus. It can also create passive pressure that’s essential for beating distractions.

6. Practice Sharing Responsibilities

Some people can’t accomplish their goals because they have too many responsibilities. If you tend to say yes when people need things, you might not feel organized because you have to do more things than you can manage in one day.

Remember that delegating is a healthy habit. It’s a sign that you know your boundaries. You’ll also learn how much you can accomplish by any given deadline. If you’re not used to delegating, start practicing today. Simple things like communicating your expectations and assigning tasks according to each person’s strengths will relieve your stress while giving you more time to focus on your goals.

7. Schedule Your Breaks

Imagine building a house by yourself. Even if you’re the most talented architect and contractor, you’ll need occasional breaks while doing the physical work. Your body needs a chance to rest and recover so you can get back to doing your best.

Your brain works similarly. Schedule a few breaks throughout the day to step away from your task, get some fresh air or distract yourself with social media. When you return to your work, you’ll have renewed energy and focus. Your life will remain organized because you have the energy to finish everything on time.

8. Label Your Supplies

Label your organizational boxes when you’re trying to accomplish something involving numerous objects or supplies. Even if they’re see-through, writing the contents on a strip of painter’s tape or using a label maker will make everything instantly recognizable. You won’t need to dig through boxes later to find what you need or waste money getting things you already own.

9. Opt Out of Multitasking

If you get too distracted by juggling two or more responsibilities at once, try doing things one at a time. Focusing on one thing at a time might be easier for your mind. You could remember where you put things more easily or get work done faster because you’re putting all your attention into that task. Even if this makes organizing or streamlining your life happen more slowly, you’ll still get things done.

10. Remember to Get Rid of Things

It’s nearly impossible to organize belongings or supplies without room to sort everything. Consider getting rid of whatever you don’t use to free space. You might find new space for boxes, file folders or storage bins that make organizing easier. It’s a good habit to start at home and work. You might even find yourself mentally decluttering your negative thoughts once you get used to letting go of things that don’t support your goals.

Try These Organizing Tips

No matter what you want to accomplish, these organization tips will make your life easier. Set a few primary goals and consider which of these ideas could help you reach them. Asking for help and finding new ways to do things are the best steps to take when you want to make a positive change.

By Ava Roman (she/her) is the Managing Editor of Revivalist, a women’s lifestyle magazine that empowers women to live their most authentic life.

Eva Roman

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