5 Health Benefits Of Playing Drums

playing drums

Playing Drums, Or Drumming, Can Lift Your Mood And Aid Your Health

Playing drums is one great way to channel a hobby in music, but it turns out this fun activity is not limited to that. Drumming has many health benefits you may not know about. If you want to know more about all the reasons you might consider this fun new indoor activity, here is a full breakdown of the health benefits of drumming

Playing Drums Reduces Anxiety And Stress

Drumming is the same as exercising, sending happy hormones to the brain. In addition, playing this one musical instrument can also release all negative emotions caused by emotional trauma. Several studies have proved that drumming is very good for driving away feelings of sadness, stress, and anxiety.


Playing Drums Helps Control Chronic Disease And Pain

Another benefit of drumming is that it helps control chronic diseases. A study has shown that drumming acts as a distraction from pain and grief. Not just that, drumming helps in enhanced production of endorphins and endogenous opiates, your body s own natural morphine-like painkillers which can work wonder in reducing the pain and controlling it. Both of these substances function as stress and pain relievers in the body.

Playing Drums Improves Cognitive Ability

Another exciting feature of drumming is that it can improve cognitive abilities or brain performance. The reason is that you have to move your hands and feet simultaneously, requiring concentration. It’s no wonder that playing drums has become a therapy to help cure autism, ADHD, and dementia. As well as being a tool for addiction recovery. New drummers usually start with a small drum kit to get used to it first.

Improves Physical Health And Immune System

This musical activity also helps physical health in unexpected ways. Did you know that drumming can be an effective booster of your immune system? A recent study led by cancer expert Barry Bittman shows that drumming can increase the number of cancer-killing cells that help your body fight cancer and other viruses including AIDS. According to experts, drumming helps your body initiate its own healing process when your body is hit with some infection causing germ. Drummers must simultaneously beat the drums using their hands and feet for an extended period. This, of course, can train the muscles to become stronger.

Some studies also say that drumming is equivalent to exercising for 30 minutes. This, of course, is very suitable for people who are too busy as a substitute for exercise.

Drumming is fun and healthy

Can Increase Heart Rate

Another benefit of drumming is that it can increase your heart rate. Maybe for ordinary people, a heartbeat that is too fast is not very good for their health. The shorter the heart rate, the quicker the body can move oxygen and blood to the muscles efficiently.

Those are some of the benefits of drumming for health. It was very unexpected to me that a hobby turned out to make make my body healthier. So, don’t hesitate to try drumming. If you want to know all about drums, you can explore Zerotodrum.

Bio: Andrea is a music lover and an experienced drummer with more than 15 years of drumming with different bands and music projects, such as Hermano & the Marines and Seditius.

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