cup of coffee with New Years Goals
cup of coffee with New Years Goals

Well, it’s a different kind of world this year, but that could actually make keeping resolutions easier! While in years past, life would return to its fast pace by early January, this year many of us are still at home and working less, if at all. That means, we can pay closer attention to our habits and resolutions and find ways to make them stick!

Recovery Resolutions Can Be Easier To Keep

First of all, those in recovery have powerful, life-changing tools that others don’t have. By applying recovery tools to our particular resolution, we may find a much better rate of success. The following are tips to help you better succeed on breaking those unhealthy habits or simply improving your chances at becoming a better person in the new year. Some of the terms that follow may be unfamiliar to you. Get comfortable with them, we’ll be using them a lot.

Don’t Make A Mountain Out Of A Molehill

Our minds often jump to the mountain and see our resolution as an overwhelming task. We can use slogans like ‘One Day at a Time’ or ‘Keep it Simple’ to frame the resolution into small tasks that are manageable and not stress-producing.

Keep It simple

“Keep it simple” is a recovery term that helps in every area of your life. In the recovery resolution department, having too many goals is a recipe for disaster. Stick to one. Make your resolution clear, concise and include baby steps on how to reach it.

Examine Your Recovery Resolutions To Choose Your Issue

What is it you want to accomplish this year? Better relationships, lose weight, greater focus on getting work done, enjoying life more? Really think it through. Identify your resolution. In recovery we call it “making an inventory.”

Write Your Resolution Down

Put that resolution in a special place. People in recovery call it a “God Box.” When something they’re written down goes into the “God Box,” they let go of it and leave the rest to God, or whatever higher power you may believe in. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do the footwork, you do. The key here is not to obsess over the results or get impatient. The recovery process is to work on your goals, without having expectations.

Keep Your Mind Focused On The Result You Want To See

There are a variety of ways to stay positive when working to stick with a resolution. Journaling, daily affirmations, positive thoughts, and clear pictures in your mind all help to keep you on track.  particularly if you start slipping into negative thinking.

If You Fall Off The Wagon Get Back On It

Don’t beat yourself up if you slip back into old habits. Get back on track the next day. Actually, we can start our day over any time of the day. We love ourselves enough to do that. Try a 12 step meeting if you want recovery help. Get a counselor or therapist if you can afford one. Consider getting a sponsor, someone who has traveled the journey you want to take. Talk to friends you trust. Remember the three “A’s” – “be Aware. Accept it. And take Action.” Yes, that’s another recovery term.

By Patti Pearson

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